Alexander James Watches is an independent watch company based in Chicago, founded in 2015 by Alexander James (AJ). In its current state, it is a one man shop, and every single watch is either assembled or inspected by AJ. After all, his name or logo is proudly displayed on the dial. 

AJ’s journey began in 2014, when he first began modding Seiko watches. After about a year, he couldn’t find dials in the color/design he wanted, so decided to make a batch of dials and just like that, he became a mod parts supplier! A few months later, as luck would have it, one of his mods blew up on Reddit, and the Alexander James brand and website was born. Since then, he quietly built watches here and there from mod parts, had some Quartz watches releases, and even launched a successful Kickstarter.

In 2022, Alexander James Watches produced a new case, which is the basis of the current A4 collections. The latest collections are a preview of what’s to come. As we look ahead to 2024, Alexander James Watches plans to move away from the Seiko NH powered watches and towards a brand new A3 collection. 

Alexander James Watches is dedicated to designing high quality, beautiful watches, and sharing them with the world. I believe people should enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer, whether that be what we see in nature or what human minds invent, create, and build.