Scratched Cases Promo

While cleaning out my inventory, from time to time, I come across a handful of scratched cases due to mishandling, testing, return, or use in photography. I believe that these watches when worn day to day will eventually get some scratches anyways, so I am happy to sell watches using these cases at a discount. Currently I have 6 fixed bezel cases. Below are some examples of the case defects that will be used if you purchase a watch using the promo code SCRATCHED for $50 off a watch. 

To be crystal clear, if you use the promo code SCRATCHED, you will receive a watch that is completely functional and covered by warranty, but the case and/or bracelet will be scratched up (which isn't covered by warranty). 

As of 9/17, the promo code SCRATCHED can be used on any fixed bezel model (Legacy Standards, Legacy Xs, and Preludes).